Photos: Premila Lal accidentally killed by friend Nerrek Galley searching for intruder

In the public relations battle over the proliferation of guns in this country, Second Amendment supporters share stories about weaponry that prevented crime, while firearms-control advocates counter with examples of tragic shootings that often take place by accident. Falling into the latter category is a terrible incident that took place Friday night. Premila Lal, eighteen, decided to play a prank on her brother and a friend, Nerrek Galley -- but Galley mistook her for an intruder and shot her dead. Photos, video and the heartrending details below.

As noted by the New York Daily News, Premila was an excellent student and track-team member at Niwot High School. She was a recent Niwot High grad, the Longmont Times-Call points out.

Additionally, Premila was a friend of Nerrek Galley, as illustrated by this photo obtained by 9News:

As for Galley, 21, he was a gun enthusiast. His Facebook page sports only four photos, two of which feature him with a rifle. Here's one of the shots.... ...and here's the other: His interest had deadly consequences on Friday evening.

Galley and Premila's brother, Pranil (to whom Galley had reportedly trained in shooting, with the Lal family's permission), thought they heard an intruder break into a home on the 2500 block of Cambridge Drive in Longmont. The family had recently moved to a new place, but they had not yet given up the Cambridge home; the boys were playing video games in the basement.

Little did they know that Premila and her twelve-year-old cousin, who had ostensibly left to attend a Niwot High football game, headed back to the Cambridge house with the goal of surprising Galley and Pranil. Continue for more about the tragic shooting of Premila Lal, including more photos and a video. Premila and her cousin hid in a closet in order to give the two boys a start. But little did they know that Galley and Pranil thought they'd heard an intruder and were searching the residence for a possible burglar.

This confluence of events soon proved fatal. When Premila jumped out of the closet, Galley fired the gun. She died at a nearby hospital shortly thereafter.

Praveen Lal, Premila's father, told the Times-Call that he spoke briefly with a horror-struck Galley at the hospital. According to him, Nerrek said he never wants to use a gun ever again.

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Galley was subsequently arrested on suspicion of providing a firearm to a juvenile (he's said to have given a gun to Pranil, who's fifteen), as well as child abuse and reckless endangerment -- alleged offenses tangential to the shooting, rather than directly related to it. He's due to make his first appearance in Boulder County court this morning.

In the meantime, our sincere condolences to Premila's friends, loved ones and the entire Lal family.

Here's 9News coverage.

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