Photos: Top twenty states by penis size -- and Colorado's rising number

Back in 2010, the folks at Condomania, a web-based condom retailer, came out with a list of states ranked by penis size (based on the size of condoms people from each one ordered), and Colorado placed 40th! Oh, the shame!

This year, however, Condomania's updated its list, and Colorado has made a big leap forward. How far did we rise? Count down the photo-illustrated top twenty to see where we wound up -- and which states still have an alleged size advantage.

Number 20: Pennsylvania Not quite as big as a jumbo Philly cheesesteak, but pretty respectable anyhow. Number 19: Oregon We don't want to speculate about whether Oregon's place on this roster has anything to do with it being the Beaver State.... Number 18: Virginia A state named for a virgin queen. Hope all those sizable penises aren't going to waste. Number 17: Connecticut Connecticut is known as "the Nutmeg State." Insert your own inappropriate joke here. Continue to keep counting down the top twenty states by penis size.
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