Reader: How can Occupy Boulder obey the rules if Boulder can't get the rules straight?

Occupy protesters kept occupied over Thanksgiving week. While Occupy Wall Street crews prepared to descend on Black Friday shoppers, Thunderdome supporters greeted Governor John Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael Hancock at the Denver Rescue Mission...and Boulder cops had their own welcoming committee for the Occupy Boulder demonstrators, rousting them for their camp.

That move prompted this from Elephunk:

So let me get this straight... You can have a tent, but not multiple tents? You can stake it into the ground, but you can't stake anything into the ground? Twenty four people can stay there, but if it's twenty five they have to have a permit, even if each person is acting autonomously? It seems clear that city ordinances surrounding this issue aren't designed for protesters and are not prepared to handled movements like Occupy. Here's an idea, since Ramos provided false information how about he takes on the combined weight of all the citations made due to his incompetence. No, that won't happen. "We were wrong, but sucks to be you." Thanks BPD!

For ongoing coverage of the Occupy movements in Colorado, including David Lane's lawsuit filed on behalf of Occupy Denver against the City of Denver, keep watching the Occupy Denver category on the Latest Word.

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