Scott McInnis doesn't blink at Tom Tancredo's drop-out-or-else high noon ultimatum

Some of you may think Scott McInnis is a plagiarist -- but he can sure as hell tell time.

Just after noon , when Tom Tancredo demanded that McInnis and Maes promise to quit the governor's race if they're trailing in the polls after winning the August primary or else he'd announce his own candidacy, McInnis put out a statement refusing to do so.

In this respect, McInnis was behind the curve: His main competitor, the almost-as-challenged Dan Maes, beat Scooter to the punch, issuing his hell-no-I-won't-go statement last Friday -- and it was tougher livelier to boot.

In contrast, McInnis response is cautious and bland, and doesn't even mention Tancredo by name. Here it is:


Scott McInnis, candidate for Governor, today issued the following statement:

"This election is about job creation, a stronger business climate, an end to unconstitutional tax increases and a commitment to reduce the size and scope of state government. We have elections to battle out competing visions for Colorado's future, and our fellow citizens are voting in the primary today as they have been for the past week.

"Those looking for a deadline should focus on the only real deadline: August 10 at 7 p.m. This is when the polls close, the people have voted and their votes are counted. That's the way the system works in a free society.

"Colorado Republicans will speak with their votes on that day, and I will abide by their decision."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.