Stoner MacGyver marijuana product review: The Incredibowl i420

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What is it, dude? The Incredibowl i420. Made right up the road in Longmont, bro.

How much coin will it run me? Around one Benjamin ($100) for the Incredibowl i420 setup with case (minus the extension tube show). The miniature version, dubbed the m420, sells for around $50.

Where can I get one? Check out the Incredibowl site for retailers near you. If you're really lazy, you can order one from Amazon, too.

Like everyone I know who has tried one or seen one, I had my doubts about the Incredibowl before trying it. Off the bat, it had strikes against it for a metal-and-plastic design that looks like an Austin Powers-esque Swedish penis pump. I figured it probably hit as goofy as it looked.

But after testing one out around the house for the last year, I've come around on the spring-loaded steamroller. Though it might seem like a novelty at first, I've decided it's actually a pretty useful device that falls somewhere between a bong without the need for water and a steamroller without the punch to the lungs. It's hard to deny how well it works after you've hit it.

Even better, the story behind the Incredibowl is Stoner MacGyvering at its finest.

Founder Mitch Shenassa came with the concept of increasing the amount of air flow in the carburetor of the pipe while getting high on his couch in Boulder as an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado. He said he tried various types of chambered pipes for a few years, getting input from friends and fellow puffers before settling on the final design and taking it to an engineer friend to mock up. "It was my life's mission to make the perfect pipe," he says.

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