The ongoing mystery of Benjamin Kyle

Almost five years ago, a man currently using the moniker Benjamin Kyle was found naked and unconscious behind a Georgia Burger King -- and upon being awakened, he said he had no idea who he was. Since then, he's been the subject of numerous newspaper articles like this recent McClatchy Newspapers account and appeared on numerous television programs, with more probably on the way (ABC's 20/20 is said to be considering a segment), all with the goal of learning his identity. But he hasn't had any luck thus far, despite some tantalizing clues that recently cropped up in Boulder.

Kyle has distant memories of the city -- and last month, a piece that ran in both the Boulder Daily Camera and the Denver Post noted that several people have memories of a man who may have been Kyle working at a restaurant called Round the Corner circa the 1980s. Unfortunately, none of those folks could recall a name or any other specifics. But Colleen Fitzpatrick, a forensic genealogist who's devoted herself to cracking the case, would like to hear from anyone with additional information. She can be reached at cfitzp@aol.com. With help, Benjamin Kyle could finally figure out his real name.

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