The women of the Denver Dream will play football in their underwear at Dick's Park

So it's pretty much the worst time in fifty years to run a sports league (NHL, anyone?). And women sports leagues have a tendency to go over like herpes at a makeout party (WUSA, anyone?). And leagues that feature a novel concept but a subpar product tend to die painful deaths (Arena Football, anyone?).

But none of that's stopping the guys behind the Lingerie Football League, which is expanding from four to twelve teams this year, including the addition of the Denver Dream.

Who will (sort of) suit up for the Dream when they kick off at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in September? We'll find out soon. The team will hold open tryouts at the stadium this Friday at 10 a.m. I would predict low turnout, since the tryouts are during work hours and many people reportedly still have jobs. But considering the hundreds of women who turned up for yesterday's Next Top Model casting call, I think it's safe to say there are plenty of fish in Denver's sea of kind-of hot jobless chicks looking to make a name for themselves without possessing any particular skill set. Go, Dream!

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Joe Tone
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