Tom Martino's greatest hits include an ambush of a Westword writer

Tom Martino, the Troubleshooter, found himself in more trouble this weekend when he was arrested for assault and disturbing the peace in a domestic violence incident, and hauled off to the Denver jail (where this mug shot was snapped) while his wife, Holly, was taken to Denver Health. Martino has since bonded out and, in a statement posted on Facebook, said that alcohol "was a major catalyst" in the incident. But we have a suspicion that the Troubleshooter's temper may have lit the match here -- it's earned him Shmuck of the Week status before.

Here's the statement Martino posted after his release from jail -- but did not post on his KHOW Troubleshooter site (his show was already taking a holiday hiatus this week):

Holly and I remain deeply in love and committed to each other and to our family. The incident that happened Friday night was a foolish mistake. We were both drinking too much. We got into an argument that escalated over a struggle for a cell phone. We were both inadvertently injured and we were not trying to hurt each other.

My over-reaction was uncalled for. I am ashamed of my behavior. I should've walked away. I also believe alcohol was a major catalyst. We are dealing with our issues through professional Christian spiritual counseling, with mutual love and support. We advise anyone dealing with these struggles to seek help before there is an incident.

Speaking of incidents: Martino doesn't much like criticism, as we've discovered when we've posted stories critical of his business dealings, including his 2011 bankruptcy filing.

But our most classic Martino encounter came after we published a story in 2009 by Jared Jacang Maher about Martino's questionable involvement with a product named Efusjon . Martino came to the office to accost the reporter, and wound up putting our managing editor on film; he then set up Jacang Maher for an ambush -- but wound up mixing him up with writer/comic Adam Cayton-Holland, which resulted in this hilarious video.

Nobody knows the Troubleshooters we've seen....

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