Topless activity not always considered indecent exposure: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The study of neighbors through their lawn decorations...

Figure 63. Valverde: In this context, crotchless is also perfectly acceptable.

Boulder's buff gardening gal and unclad panhandler (who wears panties as a hat) have laid bare our uneasiness with the unclothed. The half-full-figured sculpture pictured above shows how a Valverde resident is using his yard artwork to expose the naked truth.

The display of a topless mannequin suggests that the yard artist fully supports the legal right to appear topless in public. The bare-bottom that remains implies that public nudity should also be allowed for the crotchless. Careful study of the divided dummy's legs results in an indeterminate gender and an unfulfillable rage. Therefore, this yard artist insinuates that being bare-ass naked is perfectly acceptable for sexless dummies.

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