Ty Lawson on Twitter: "Utah is dumb boring"

The old warning to pro athletes about not providing bulletin-board material predates the online version of bulletin boards -- which may explain why, last night, Ty Lawson posted a link to an audio snippet on his Twitter feed entitled "Utah is dumb boring."

The audio tweet finds Lawson in his hotel room last night -- and right at the outset, he shares the "dumb boring" remark, adding, "ain't nothin' to do out here" other than to watch last night's NBA games, during which San Antonio eliminated Dallas and Phoenix finished off Portland. He salutes the Spurs' George Hill and the Blazer's Brandon Roy along the way before offering more fuel for the Utah Jazz's fire.

Lawson notes that the Nuggets "finally won a game," then adds that they'll "try to get two in a row" by besting the Jazz in tonight's game six "and try to get back to Denver. I doubt they can beat us in our house. Our house is crazy."

From there, he offers shout-outs to the current batch of Old Spice commercials and Everybody Hates Chris before noting that he plans to download some mixtapes. After all, there's "nothin' else to do here. Just chillin', relaxin', tryin to get that good sleep."

He'll need it, because the Nuggets won't be able to use the same formula that spelled victory on Wednesday to take tonight's game. Besides, rest should help him focus on basketball if members of the crowd start screaming every time he touches the ball because of the casual way he dissed their home state.

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