Update: Did student banned from Paul Ryan event plan glitter bombing?

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Update, 2 p.m. August 14: Earlier today, we reported that four students who don't support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were banned from the vice presidential candidate's Lakewood rally after they were overheard speaking to yours truly; see our complete coverage below.

Afterward, I was contacted by two other students who were also denied entry, including Jacob Spetzler, seen here. And their story is even stranger.

Jacob Spetzler, an eighteen-year-old rising freshman, got a ticket last night to watch Ryan speak today. He then posted a Facebook status that read, "who else is going to the paul ryan rally? are signs expressing our displeasure in order?"

One of his high school friends, who volunteers for the Romney campaign, apparently saw the status and commented: "just so you know, protesters won't get in tomorrow."

Here's a screenshot of the status that Spetzler shared with us this afternoon:

Spetzler, who is friends with the students we wrote about earlier today, saw the comment and decided against protesting or bringing signs. He and friend Sophia Kagan arrived at Lakewood High School, where the speech was scheduled to take place, at around 9:30 a.m. without any signs or any intentions of protesting, he says. But when he got to the front of the line after waiting for around an hour, he reveals that the former high school classmate and volunteer mentioned earlier spotted him.

According to Spetzler, his former peer then rushed from the ticket scanner and whispered to others working at the event, pointing in his direction. When it came time for him and his friend to get their tickets scanned, he said they were told the scanners "weren't working" and the campaign couldn't find their names on the list. He insisted that they try again until another staffer, who said seemed to be more of a higher up, was brought over.

"He told us in no uncertain terms to leave," Spetzler says.

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