Video: Should a ten year old be cited for reckless driving for crashing car through Parker DMV?

On Monday, a ten-year-old Parker girl did what plenty of adults have probably fantasized about doing before thinking better of it: She crashed a sports-utility vehicle into a DMV.

The story made local newscasts. But now it's gone national thanks to the Parker Police Department's decision to release surveillance footage from inside the office, which vividly shows how close several people came to being killed. See videos, photos and details below.

The incident took place at the DMV office at 17924 Cottonwood Drive. According to Parker police, two juveniles -- ages ten and twelve, 9News reports -- were left inside the family SUV while their mother entered the office to "conduct her business."

The keys remained in the car, too, and police believe the younger of the girls slipped the car into gear and rolled it into the office.

Parker cops note that no injuries were sustained and the DMV office suffered no major structural damage -- surprising given the destruction seen in the slew of photos issued by the department, including this one:

Still, this images and the others shared below didn't stir the larger media's imagination quite like the surveillance footage. Get ready to be startled:

Just as shocking for some is the decision by authorities to formally accuse the girl of reckless driving. Frankly, any driving by a ten year old could be considered reckless, given that she's much too young to pilot a vehicle legally -- and she wouldn't have even had the opportunity to crash into the public consciousness if she and her sister weren't left in an SUV with easy access to the keys.

Will the charge stick? Hard to say at this point -- but when the girl reaches the age at which she can obtain a driver's license, we recommend she go to a different DMV. We have a feeling the staff at the one in Parker might remember her.

Look below to see more Parker Police Department photos from the scene, followed by a 9News clip in which attorney Scott Robinson questions the decision to charge the girl.

Continue for more photos of the Parker DMV crash, followed by another video. Here's the 9News video.

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