Videos: Katt Williams loses his sh*t on Denver heckler, gets booed offstage

Update below: Katt Williams is one of the current scene's most popular standup comics. But when he was heckled at Denver's Wells Fargo Theatre last night, his response backfired in a big way. His Denver-dissing verbal onslaught prompted a cascade of booing that led to him stopping the show early and storming offstage. And since it's the 21st Century, the whole thing is on video. See clips below.

The first video below offers the most complete sense of what went down of the footage we checked out. The heckler can't be heard, but the theatre is already in an uproar as it begins. Williams helpfully catches us up.

"I just got diverted by this gentleman," he notes, seemingly in control at this point. "He says I'm only doing this rap shit because I'm not funny. So i'll stop right now and re-introduce myself and tell sick jokes. I guess I'll start with twenty minutes on this fuck-nigga...."

At first, the crowd seems to be on Williams's side. But then he leaves the stage and wades into the crowd, with police rushing in around him as he berates the heckler with shouts of "You're a pussy! You're a pussy!"

The crowd joins in with a chant of its own: "Fuck you! Fuck you!" Then Williams interjects with this: "The police got me. How funny. Wow. Wow.... That's just how Malcolm X got shot. Ol' puss-ass nigga."

This remark really seems to rile up the throng, with one person heard in the first video shouting, "I want my mo-fuckin' money back!"

Addressing that sentiment, Williams -- back on stage now -- says, "I was supposed to have E-40 and Too Short on this show, but I didn't think it would motherfuckin' work...and I was fuckin' right as fuckin' usual."

The implication? Denver audiences aren't hip enough to appreciate guest shots by rap royalty like E-40 and Too Short.

"So now," Williams goes on, "when I go to San Diego and you hear that New Edition, E-40, Too Short and Xzibit came out on my show, you, Denver, will be able to say, 'What happened?' And why it didn't went down the way it shoulda went down."

Having completely lost the room, Williams announces, "Here's the great news. Everybody in this show gets their money back. Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody. Good night."

And then he's gone -- at which point the guy taking the second video declares, "That was Katt Williams bombing in Denver."

Yes, it was -- and he's supposed to be back at the Wells Fargo tonight. That should be interesting.

Update: Our Bree Davies was at the show last night. Read her first-person take in the post "Katt Williams melts down on stage, threatens and spits on a fan."

In the meantime, here are two looks at the chaos.

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