Videos: Top four stupid things said or done by fired Colorado coaches

Yesterday, Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice was fired after video surfaced (it's on view below) of him throwing balls at players, as well as kicking them and shouting homophobic slurs like "fucking faggot" and "fucking fairy."

An extreme case, no doubt, but not an isolated one. In fact, a number of coaches with connections to Colorado have done or said stupid things that contributed to them being handed their head. Continue to count down our top four.

Number 4: Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels

was a controversial choice for Broncos coach at the outset, since he was an offensive expert thanks to his time with the New England Patriots and Denver was weakest on the defensive side of the ball. Then, to make matters worse, he essentially ran quarterback Jay Cutler out of town -- a move that led to a brief upturn, followed by a prolonged dive toward the bottom.

Along the way, McDaniels earned laughs around the country with the outburst seen above, in which he blusters about "winning the motherfucking game."

These words didn't doom him in Denver, and neither did his decision to videotape a San Francisco 49ers walk-through before a matchup in London -- at least not officially. The real reason he was given his walking papers was his inability to help the team win enough motherfucking games.

Continue for more of the top five stupid things done by fired Colorado coaches. Number 3: Larry Eustachy

Larry Eustachy

, who coached the Colorado State Rams to the NCAA men's basketball tournament this year, notching a first-round victory along the way, was the head man at Iowa State in 2003 when the

Des Moines Register

ran a photo of him holding a brewski and smooching two hot young thangs at a University of Missouri party.

Even worse, the Cyclones had just lost.

Eustachy was initially suspended, then sacked for violating a morals clause in his contract. During his goodbye press conference, he admitted that he was an alcoholic and was going through rehab.

This part of Eustachy's past hasn't stayed in the past. Last month, Wyoming fans chanted "Al-co-hol-ic" at the coach during a game. But Eustachy, who's been sober for a decade now, got the last laugh: The Rams left the Cowboys in the dust.

Continue for more of the top five stupid things done by fired Colorado coaches. Number 2: Gary Barnett

Gary Barnett

helped turn the CU football program around after coming to the school in 1999. But his success on the field was soon overshadowed by 2004-era reports about sexual favors provided to recruits. Then, with a full-fledged sex scandal blossoming, Katie Hnida, who had served as a kicker for the Buffaloes, revealed that she had been raped by a fellow teammate.

Barnett's response to questions about Hnida was not exactly politic. While speaking to the press, he offered the following critique of her on-the-field abilities: "It was obvious Katie was not very good. She was awful. Katie was not only a girl, she was terrible. Okay? There's no other way to say it."

For this words, Barnett was temporarily suspended, and while he later returned to coaching the team, he only lasted another season before he was sent packing.

Continue for more of the top five stupid things done by fired Colorado coaches. Number 1: Dan Issel Dan Issel, nicknamed the Horse, is an NBA Hall of Famer and easily one of the greatest players in Denver Nuggets history. But when he was a coach for the Nuggets circa late 2001, he opened his mouth and went down in flames.

The date was December 11, and the Nugs had just lost to the Charlotte Hornets. Afterward, Issel was walking off the court when a fan began berating him. Issel took it for a moment before telling the guy, "Go drink another beer, you Mexican piece of shit."

Problem: This exchange was caught on video by CBS4. Shortly thereafter, the Horse rode off into the sunset.

Then again, if he wants to make himself feel better about this moronic statement, he need only take a look at Mike Rice. Here's what got Rice fired.

More from our Sports archive circa October 2010: "Top 10 ways Josh McDaniels has destroyed the Denver Broncos."

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