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Reader: The 20th Street Cafe Was Another Denver Treasure

Reader: The 20th Street Cafe Was Another Denver Treasure
Danielle Lirette
Sadly, you won't be eating the breakfast burrito shown above this morning...or ever again. That's because the 20th Street Cafe, a 74-year-old institution at 1123 20th Street, announced last week that it would not be reopening after the restaurant closure order is lifted in Denver.

Owners Rodney and Karen Okuno, who'd been running the restaurant founded by Rodney's parents in 1946, were planning on retiring sometime soon, but the pandemic hastened their decision. On April 22, they shared the news on the 20th Street Cafe Facebook page: "We thought we had a few years left before retiring, but with all that has happened in the world and the economy, we decided that trying to reopen after the pandemic and trying to make a realistic go of it would be impossible."

And then they concluded with this: "As the song goes 'So long, it's been good to know you.'"

The 20th Street Cafe won't reopen. - DANIELLE LIRETTE
The 20th Street Cafe won't reopen.
Danielle Lirette
Fans of the restaurant are singing a very sad song in response. Says Christine:
So sad. The food was always terrific and the staff so friendly. It will be missed.
Adds Lisa:
 Another Denver treasure.
Comments Steve: 
 Great greasy spoon. You will be missed.
Recalls Chris:
Best place ever. My grandparents were friends of the original owners. I’ve been eating there since the '70s.  Good luck in retirement. 
Suggests Chris:
 A shame. Even though it isn't in the movie, this place always reminded me of Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead.
Concludes Murray: 
Cost of doing business in Denver has become cost-prohibitive for most casual dining business models. Coronavirus was just the final nail in the coffin. Sadly, many, many more closings are coming. 
According to a recent Colorado Restaurant Association survey, 25 percent of its members might close for good if restaurants are not allowed to reopen before the end of May.

So far, though, just a few owners have announced that they're taking that route. Euclid Hall, whose lease was up, decided not to reopen in that spot. Around the corner in Larimer Square, the Market — a four-decade-old institution, albeit three decades shy of the 20th Street Cafe's mark — will also remain shuttered. Like the Okunos, Market owner Mark Greenberg is retiring.

What do you think of the closings? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected] And if you never ate at the 20th Street Cafe, get a taste of what you missed in this review by Gretchen Kurtz.
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