Openings and Closings

A Former Chubby's Spinoff Will Soon Reopen as Tacos Los Compas

The Original Chubby's on West 38th Avenue just opened a brand-new dining room and kitchen over the weekend that replaces the tiny, takeout-only joint that Stella Cordova ran from 1967 almost until her death at the age of 99; her grandson, Danny, Cordova, now heads the kitchen.

But other relatives have opened many variations on the Chubby's theme over the years. Another grandson, Julian, has opened similar burrito shacks called Original Chubby's, one of them at 1385 Santa Fe Drive.

While the unauthorized Chubby's spinoff didn't make it in that building (a former Taco Bell that also held Mercedes Mexican Restaurant at one time), a new late-night Mexican joint will soon open there. A fresh coat of sunny yellow paint and a sign announcing Tacos Los Compas now grace the building. The banner also notes that the new taqueria will be open 24 hours a day.

Julian Cordova still operates his version of the Original Chubby's at 8330 Washington Street and 7310 Federal Boulevard.
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