Reader: Denver's Craft-Beer Scene Is Booming...but All Booms Bust

Mayor Michael Hancock toasts the Great American Beer Festival.
Mayor Michael Hancock toasts the Great American Beer Festival. Kenzie Bruce
The 2017 Great American Beer Festival has tapped its last keg. Although this year's fest was bigger than ever, it sold out in less than a day...and Denver's craft-beer scene continues to boom. By Jonathan Shikes's count, there are now 72 breweries in the Mile High City. But can there ever be too much beer? Says Mel:
Denver's growing, which means Denver has a thirst for more breweries...if brewers can find a place to put them, that is.
Comments Justin: 
If you can't feel a boom in the craft-beer world, just like early Internet, you are naive. All booms burst into reality.
Responds Paul: 
There are many Denver neighborhoods that need a good neighborhood bar, and that's exactly what the best craft breweries are. But there are some bad ones, too.
Concludes Kris: 
Every brewery open is for sale. Everywhere. All the time. Just ask the owners.
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