The ten best geek events in Denver in February

Kung Fu movies!
Kung Fu movies!

February is almost here, which means a lot of things: the shortest month of the year, Valentine's Day, and another roundup of the best geek events that our fair city has to offer. For being such a short month, there's sure a lot going on, including multiple cons, a celebration of kung-fu cinema and, of course, a geeky take on Valentine's Day. No matter what your preferred flavor of geek activity, there should be something happening to make you happy. Here are February's ten best geek events.

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Science and wine, together at last.
Science and wine, together at last.

10) Space Camp for grownups Remember how much you hated the rich little bastards who got to go to space camp when you were a kid? Here's your chance to finally get in on the action, albeit in a slightly modified form. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is turning its Science Lounge into a space camp for adults, meaning a night of stargazing, building rockets and taking a (virtual) trip to the moon. Oh, and drinking, like all the Science Lounge events. Man, science goes down smooth with a nice glass of wine.

Your journey to space begins at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, February 20 at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Tickets are $12, or $10 for museum members. For tickets and more information, visit the Space Camp event page of the DMNS website.

9) Magic the Gathering: Born of the Gods prerelease

Everyone's favorite trading-card game continues its twist on Greek mythology with

Born of the Gods

Upcoming Events

. More minotaurs, more gorgons and lots of new ways to kill your opponent await, plus you can probably even find an event on Super Bowl Sunday if you're looking to avoid the big game. As always, pre-release events are the most casual of all tournaments, perfect for new players, old players who have lapsed and are looking to return, or casual fans who don't usually make it out for the big tourneys, so you don't have to worry if your skills aren't all that. Everyone is just there to have fun and open the new cards.

Play Saturday or Sunday, February 1-2, at various locations. Price may vary, but expect to spend about $30, which nets you six packs of cards plus a special promo card. Find a location near you with Wizards of the Coast's store locator.

Animeland Wasabi 2013
Animeland Wasabi 2013

8) Animeland Wasabi You'd probably guess from the name that Animeland Wasabi is an anime con, and you'd be right. Mostly. The fun doesn't stop with Japan's finest export, though. The con also offers a massive gaming experience courtesy of Colorado Cutthroat Connection, a host of guests covering not just anime but also popular geek shows like Stargate SG-1 and a rave. Even geeks like to dance, after all. Then there's Adventure Time and Futurama voice actor John DiMaggio as guest of honor, not to mention the usual con activities like cosplay, panels and a dealers' room full of nifty shit to buy. That's a nice lineup even if your anime knowledge begins and ends with Spirited Away.

The con runs from February 28 to March 2 at the Crowne Plaza DIA. Tickets start at just $25 for a day pass, with a variety of packages available. For registration and more info, visit the Animeland Wasabi website.

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