Under the Gunn recap: Unconventional beach party no picnic for Denver designer

Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn

On last week's episode of Under the Gunn, Blake survived the judging to sew another week; Shan won the steam punk avant-garde challenge with his deconstructed power suit, finally bringing a win to Anya's team; and Nicholas was sent home. For last night's episode, Georgina Chapman, co-founder of Marchesa, returned as a guest judge, and the challenge involved creating an original design for an unconventional beach party using materials found in on the beach.

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During the show, we learned from Sam that his mentor, Denver designer Mondo Guerro, has what he calls a "scrap it face" that's a cross between nausea and disappointment. Sam was told that his skirt creation was sloppy, which did not go over well. Meanwhile, Michelle didn't feel that Mondo gave her enough attention because he was was focusing on Asha and Sam.

Mondo Guerra and Tim Gunn.
Mondo Guerra and Tim Gunn.

Oscar wowed the judges with his raffia fan dress; Asha's great textile work was another hit. The judges had a few harsh words for Natalia's dress, saying it looked unfinished and wasn't sexy. And Michelle's dress, made from an inflatable chair, was described as cheap and tacky, Austin Powers-meets-Judy Jetson; one judge said she would have liked it better if she took a hit of ecstasy.

Natalia, Oscar and Michelle all earned scores to stay on the show, and the judges gave Anya's team -- Blake and Shan -- safe passage.

Mondo was given the decision of choosing between Sam and Asha as the winner of the challenge; he chose Sam. To his surprise, Sam also won the Benefit Cosmetics "fun and free-spirited" bonus prize of $1,000. The judges described Sam's skirt was described as "equal opportunity chic."

And in bad news for the home team, Denver designer Stephanie Ohnmacht was sent home. She'd decided to create her own textile using plastic leis, and quickly discovered that the creation process was too time-consuming. The judges called her design "projecty" and complained that it was too crafty and not very sophisticated.

Stephanie Ohnmacht
Stephanie Ohnmacht

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