Ask a Stoner: What is "Full-Melt" Hash?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: What is "Full-Melt" Hash?

Dear Stoner: What is full-melt hash? And why don't I see it in weed shops anymore?

Dear Searching: “Full-melt” is a term used to describe the quality of hash, not necessarily a certain kind — though it's most commonly associated with bubble hash (and kief, to a lesser extent). Bubble hash, made through a process that uses ice water, special bags and lots of movement to separate cannabis's trichomes from the plant matter, is usually graded on a scale from cooking-grade to full-melt. As the name implies, cooking-grade bubble hash, which is full of impurities, isn't suitable for smoking. Next is half-melt, which has a dirtier flavor and is harsher on the throat than full-melt, but is still smokable and can be rosin-pressed. Then you have the best form of bubble hash, or full-melt. 

Ice-water hash from L'Eagle.
Ice-water hash from L'Eagle.
William Breathes

Full-melt bubble hash isn't as strong as the waxes and shatters you'll find in dispensaries, but it's still delicious, dabbable and much stronger than a bong rip. Unfortunately, the drive for potency and the next big concentrate has pushed bubble hash and other full-melt extracts out the door. A few dispensaries around town still sell bubble hash, but it's rarely labeled “full-melt” anymore, as the term has lost relevance.

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