Ten Things We'd Like to See in the National Marijuana Museum

Display case in the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.
Display case in the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.

The "No on 200" team in Pueblo County has proposed that Colorado become home to the National Marijuana Museum, and what better county to host it than the one that fought against repealing Amendment 64 at the ballot box this election. The organizers hope to have the museum open by the summer of 2018. In the meantime, here are ten suggestions for what they should include in the collection:

1. A General Timeline Outlining Cannabis Use and Other Need-to-Know Info
Some people visiting the museum will be weed connoisseurs, but many will know little to nothing about the history of marijuana — or even the plant itself. The first exhibit in the museum should definitely serve as a quick refresher course on all things weed. It would include explanations similar to the ones given out in many marijuana dispensaries about the differences between indica and sativa, CBD vs. THC, etc.

2. Interesting Facts and Artifacts
Did you know that the earliest record of medical marijuana comes from China in 2737 B.C.? Emperor Shennong wrote a book about medicinal remedies and included cannabis as a treatment. In addition to history, this room would include such ancient artifacts as the earliest pipes and bongs.

3. Rundown of Marijuana's Influence on Pop Culture
Pop culture and marijuana have always been connected. From the early days of jazz to the Beatles to Bob Marley to Snoop Dogg, marijuana has been a source of inspiration for many artists. Even today, many celebrities and musicians have created their own marijuana companies, six of which already operate in Colorado.

4. Media Room
The media and marijuana have always had a complicated relationship. From early warning posters reading "Marihuana: Weed With Roots in Hell" to unquestioning coverage of the War on Drugs, there's a plethora of media material that can be included in the museum.

5. Interactive Exhibit
Never been high and want to know what it feels like? Don't know how to use a bong or a dab rig? The interactive exhibit would allow people to try everything, without the high.

Keep reading for five more things we'd like to see displayed at the museum.

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