Ten of the Best DJs in Denver Right Now

Recon DnB

Electronic music is alive and well here in Denver, in all of its many glorious forms. Everything from house and techno to dubstep and glitch-hop are well represented here in the Mile High City. What's more — Denver music fans know their shit and won't accept any second-rate DJs. That sort of mentality breeds quality, as this list of ten of Denver's top DJs, in alphabetical order, proves.

10. Cloud-D
A part of the Sub.Mission collective, as well as the Mile High Sound Movement, Family Moons, and the Headless Bird Clan (HBC), Cloud-D is self-taught and has been making music for six years. Popular in the local bass scene, Cloud-D is one worth keeping an eye out for.

9. Despise
Maggie Despise has over a decade of deejaying experience, and she's the co-founder and head of the Recon DNB crew. She combines drum and bass with dubstep, all while blending dark and light. She has described her music as "having the most beautiful dream and horrible nightmare all at once."

Courtesy of artist/Facebook

8. Ether
Specializing in dubstep and tribal electronic, Ether has a style influenced massively by far-Eastern sounds. There's some glitch-hop in there, too. So, he likes to mess with sub-genres and style. What comes out the end, however, is very much his own.

Late Night Radio
Late Night Radio
Courtesy of artist

7. Late Night Radio
Real name Alex Medellin, Late Night Radio is a project that has been creating a buzz lately, using samples to create hip-hop-styled electronic tracks. According to his own website, "Medellin’s background in hip-hop is crucial to his development as a producer. Unlike some of his contemporaries who came up in the dance music scene, Late Night Radio keeps his cuts funky and inventive with an unshakable commitment to soulful grooves."

Alexis Evely

6. Option4
Brennan Bryarly, aka Option4, says that he's more house than tech, more deep than disco. He's a Denver guy, but he's happy to admit that his influences come largely from Chicago. In other words, he's house. Don't forget it. His first two singles, "Do Work" and "All the Girls," came out in 2013, and he hasn't looked back since. 

Read on for five more of Denver's best DJs.

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