Ex-Post columnist-turned-spokesman Jim Spencer returns to journalism

Turns out the correction Jim Spencer demanded and got last week from the Denver Post, the very newspaper that handed him his head in a cost-cutting move, was among his last official duties as communications director for the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. Spencer hasn't returned a series of calls, but UCD spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery confirms that he's taken a position at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. (It's an editor-type gig, not a columnist position.) As for Spencer's replacement at the med school, Montgomery says no hire has been made, but interviewing has reached the finalist stage. By the way, a commenter on the blog linked above called my failure to mention Spencer's new gig as a "grievous omission." That sounds like a phrase more appropriate to describing the U.S. media's failures in the lead-up to the Iraq war, but who am I to judge? So my apologies for the grievous omission.


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