Marijuana: Amendment 64 passes in El Paso County by fewer than a dozen votes

Who says El Paso County isn't pro-marijuana? The official tally is in and Amendment 64 passed by a whopping ten votes. In total, 292,698 people in the county voted in the election. Of that number, 141,701 people voted for Amendment 64. Officials in El Paso County said that the slim margins would require a recount if it were a countywide issue.

But since it doesn't make a difference in the state election, officials told the Colorado Springs Gazette that "it doesn't really matter."

But should it really matter?

The final tally indicates that a majority of people voting on the issue agrees with the measure, yet officials in El Paso County still aren't jumping on the ganja train.

Take El Paso County Commissioner Amy Lathen, who says there will most certainly be a measure to ban retail centers before the county sometime soon. Lathen isn't shy with her feelings, either, telling the Gazette's Bob Stephens that she hopes to see bans enacted at the county level as well as in Colorado Springs.

And we hope someone tells Lathen to pay attention to what her voting constituency wants.

Read the rest of the Gazette article here.

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