Photos: Ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary has definitions for just about everything, including plenty of terms that include the word "Colorado," and almost all of them are weird, funny, disgusting, surprising or some combination thereof.

Example: a sexual term for an act that requires not a human partner, but an open Jeep. Really.

Continue to count down our photo-illustrated "Colorado" terms top ten.

Number 10: Colorado Bulldog

Photos: Ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary

Definition: Vodka and Ensure.

Popular with Medical Interns, College Students, wanna-be-skinny-girls, and other busy people who combine food and "Drink" in a single, easy to consume beverage.

Example: Doctor: "Would you like to hit the cafeteria for something to eat after work" Resident: "No thanks, I' m beat, I am just going to go home have a Colorado Bulldog and hit the sack..."

Number 9: Colorado Head Butt

Photos: Ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary

Definition: A fake head butt followed through with a straight punch to the nuts.

Example: I scream "Colorado head butt" seconds prior to going through the motions of an actual head butt, but just prior to heads connecting, I stop and straight punch to the nuts as their eyes are closed expecting a head butt.

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary.

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