Videos: Top ten commercials you should skip on Dish -- or maybe not

Videos below.
Videos below.

In a rare interview, Dish Network's Charlie Ergen defends the satellite service's commercial-skipping device. Which made us wonder about the top ten commercials that most deserve to be skipped -- but the question's more complicated than we thought, since many spots on worst-ad lists like this one struck as kinda awesome in a so-bad-it's-hilarious way. Check out the roster below, and let us know which ones deserve oblivion -- and which actually demand multiple views.

Number 10: Max from Blue Tax

It's not just the terrible animation that renders Max repellent. It's also the irritatingly mewling voice and dialogue that makes a conversation with your accountant seem fascinating by comparison.

Number 9: The Klondike prize

In this spot, a guy can only win a Klondike if he actually listens to his wife for five seconds -- and his reaction before, during and after doing so is one of the most succinct depictions of total assholery I've ever seen. This guy deserves to be sent to the real Klondike. During January. Wearing only a thong.

Page down for more of our top ten commercials you should skip on Dish -- or maybe not.

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