Drink of the Week

If you're on a hot date and looking to score, take her to Hapa Sushi and show off your sensitivity by sipping a naughty pink G Spot. The word "cocktail" has never sounded more appropriate than it does at Hapa Sushi, a swank Cherry Creek sushi grill and sake bar filled with an eclectic mix of beautiful people. The hip Hapa oozes sex from every pore, barstool and menu item. Sushi rolls, for example, include the wickedly titled foreplay roll, climax roll, orgasm roll and multiple orgasm roll -- a decadent, melt-in-your mouth combination of cream cheese, crab and smoked salmon that's tempura-fried and baked with a cream sauce. Pair that with a sweet G Spot cocktail -- raspberry-infused sake, raspberry vodka and ginger ale, served on the rocks in a tall glass with a straw ($5) -- and you're well on your way to a big night. Whatever happens after you leave the restaurant is up to you.


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