Denver's outlying zombie population begins the ghastly trek northward

For most folks, Halloween is a time to get dressed up as some sort of slutty occupation, gorge on candy and begin the period of "winter obesity" traditional in these United States. But for others -- specifically our nation's often marginalized undead population -- Halloween is a time for their most important work of the year: seeking out a helping of delicious, delicious brains. Though the undead procession won't reach Denver proper until October 23 with the official 2010 Zombie Crawl, zombies move very slowly, which required them to get started in Littleton this weekend on the move steadily, hideously northward. Photos by Bert Ross.

Even zombies get broken hearts -- which actually is an excellent way to kill them, because after their hearts break, they explode. Moments after this photo was taken, this listless zombie covered everyone in his vicinity with heartbreak-related gore.
This woman may be a decaying, mindless creature capable only of feeding and ambulation, but Richard, you're still not funny.
Carl was pretty disappointed when he spent all that time cooking up a nice batch of brownies with white chocolate chips in them and everything and nobody even wanted any. When nobody all day even once complimented him on his new hat, Fred became upset, which led to his new sweater getting ruined, too -- and you cannot get those bloodstains out.
When regular people are in love, sometimes people call it "mushy." When zombies are in love... I'll just stop right there.
Thinking it was a tour of homes in the area, Vern joined up with the parade. Seconds later, he was dead. Though the needs of zombies are generally limited to brains, this zombie was also seeking spare change, or possibly an extra cigarette.
When there was no more room in hell, they went ahead and kicked out Ted Nugent, too.
"Please, suh, may I have some more brains?"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.