Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade: Where do you go when it's done and gone? Here's where!

I think most people who attended last weekend's Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade Craft Fair -- and there were a lot of them: we've heard estimates of 1,500 or more -- left with a good feeling about the local handmade community. Not only were the 75 or so vendors on board this year both high quality and deliciously diverse, but there simply was an excess of DIY magic in the air, heightened all the more by the ornate surroundings of the 1906 Baerrensen Brothers El Jebel Temple of old, now known as the Sherman Events Center, where it was housed. The homemade goodies from Sugar Bakeshop and food-truck fare available outdoors from Gastro Cart and Denver Biscuit Bus were, yeah, icing on the cake.
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