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Former detective Pat Kennedy on The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

More than twenty years after the story broke, America's fascination with cannibal sex killer Jeffrey Dahmer lingers on. In The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, a new documentary on the case playing tonight and tomorrow at the Sie FilmCenter for the Denver Film Society's Watching Hour, three of the people closest to the case help shed light on the enigmatic killer. His unsuspecting next-door neighbor and the medical examiner who dissected the crime scene offer two diverse looks at the case, but the most compelling narrative in the film comes from Pat Kennedy, the former homicide detective who worked for weeks with Dahmer to get a full confession.

We recently caught up with Kennedy to talk about the film, what it was like to get into Dahmer's head and how the case changed his life and his views on police procedure.

NSFW Warning: This interview is both explicit and disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

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