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Gorinto lives on tonight with a Mission Supports fundraiser

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When we last spoke with Corey Elbin -- the one-man orchestrator of the Mercury Cafe's weekly avant-garde food and music throw-down, Gorinto -- he was unsure of the fate of the unique get-together. After curating, cooking, booking and running Gorinto on his own for the better part of two years, Elbin was preparing to step away from his project to focus on learning agriculture in Ohio.

But the community he both attracted and served couldn't let the special event go dark; friends and participants stepped in to keep the unique gathering alive. And tonight local non-profit Mission Supports will be at the helm of Gorinto, which brings together an eclectic group of musicians at a vegan-friendly feast.

Gorinto and Mission Supports have worked together before -- the non-profit's founder, Arnie Swenson, was a close friend of Elbin, and he jumped at the chance to connect his organization with the built-in community of Gorinto once again.

"The cool thing and really the essence of Gorinto was Corey," says Swenson. "He did a great job of nurturing this wonderful, crazy, edgy art community." Although Elbin won't be at the event, the energy of the people he brought together is still strong -- and that's what Gorinto runs on.

Tonight's installment begins at 8 p.m. and features music from the Perry Weissman 3, Kurt Bauer, Pin Rose, Max Bernstein & Mark McCoin and Sex Milk Instrument. Admission is $5; another $5 gets you dinner from the organic buffet, prepared by resident Mercury Cafe cooks Dustin Lewis and Stephanie Gibson.

Later on in the evening, oil paintings, ceramic art, unusual musical instruments, handcrafted jewelry and more created by local artists will be up for auction, with all proceeds going Mission Supports. Founded in February of last year, the organization works to connect adults with developmental and cognitive disabilities to the support and services they need while on a wait list for the Medicaid Waiver Program.

Previous Gorinto-Mission Supports collaborations have raised close to $2,000, with more than sixty people and twenty local businesses helping the non-profit get off the ground. Donations, in turn, have facilitated the connection of mentally-disabled adults with Social Security and Medicare programs, as well as treatments for cancer.

For more information on Mission Supports or to donate to the auction, visit the event's Facebook page, contact Arnie Swenson at arnie@missionsupports.org or call 303- 868-9414. Anyone interested in participating, curating or playing a future Gorinto collaboration can e-mail Zeke Moreland at laserbeast@gmail.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.