Haley Mariah Gibbons designs for sale at DAM and sample sale

Madrid, Paris, Denver.What do these three locations have in common? They are the three sites selected by the French fashion house to host Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective, which opened yesterday and runs through July 8 at the Denver Art Museum. As if you needed added incentive to see this important show, several local designers will be featured in the DAM gift shop for the duration of the YSL exhibit. Haley Mariah Gibbons is one of the those designers, who were all selected by the DAM. Gibbons, owner of Trophy Clothing, has been designing detail-oriented garments for six years. Four years ago she went pro, with both the (former) Fabric Lab and Fancy Tiger boutiques carrying her designs. She'll have thirty garments -- six styles of dresses in a range of sizes -- available in the gift shop.

"I love YSL because he makes clothes that are feminine, yet still strong," Gibbons says. "Rather than a fragile, frilly femininity, YSL makes clothes that are strong and sexy, like the classic women's suit."

Gibbons hasn't decided whether she'll restock the DAM shop once dresses sell, or simply allow them to be almost-one-of-a-kind designs. But fashion fans will have another chance to stock up on her work: Trophy Clothing will have a sample sale from 4 to 8 p.m. on Monday, April 2, at EvB Studio. "Sample sales are where designers sell their experiments, leftover designs, and one-of-a-kind runway items to clear space," she explains. "This upcoming sale is to remove some clutter in order to make room for the future and move forward in a more solid direction."

For more information on Gibbons's work, visit trophyclothing.com

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