Photos: The gold leaf for the Colorado State Capitol Building dome arrived today

This morning, boxes of gold leaf were delivered to the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building and officially presented to Governor John Hickenlooper. The gold, which was donated by Anglogold Ashanti/Cripple Creek & Victor Mining Company, will be used on the dome, which is currently undergoing renovations (find the whole story in the May 23, 2013 Westword cover story, "Coolfax."

Mined in Cripple Creek, the gold was sent to Florence, Italy, where the leaf was manufactured by Giusto Manetti Battiloro S.p.A. At about 65 ounces, the gold is valued at $116,175.00. Anglogold also presented the Governor with one ten-ounce ingot.

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"The donation of gold from CC&V has been mined by employees dedicated to safety and environmental stewardship," Ray Dubois, vice president of CC&V said in a statement. "They all take pride in knowing they played a significant role in the restoration of the capitol dome."

The leaf is to be applied to copper base plates and ultimately put on the dome. It is estimated by project managers that it will take 140,000 sheets of the gold leaf to cover the dome. The leftover gold will be kept by the State for future repair.

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