Street Fashion: Keely Skyy in Writer Square

Some people just stand out. Whether their style is cutting-edge, quirky or just well-executed, they make you want to know: How do they do it? Because we work for you, we're finding out. Each day, we'll hit the streets and talk to one person who catches our eye and makes us look twice. Today, we caught up with Keely Skyy, who, besides having the best last name since the now-obscure female lead in Say Anything, was sporting a sundress that, though simple, drew the eye with its boxy cut and nouveau-granny print. Get her charmingly smartass answers to our questions after the jump.

Name: Keely Skyy Occupation: Customer service rep

Westword: Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Keely Skyy: From the past -- which is not really reflected in my clothes today. Everything I'm wearing was given to me, actually. Times are tough.

WW: Where do you like to shop? KS: I don't. My roommate's closet, my sister's closet. I stole this purse from my mom. I know where they like to shop.

WW: What's your favorite article of clothing that you own? KS: It's a halter maxi dress, but it's too skanky to wear in public, so I never get to. It's just straps coming up off a skirt. It's beautiful fabric, though.

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Jef Otte
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