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What's in your bag? Texas IDs, journals and more!

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Colorado is known as a creative capitol, and that shows in the street style that crops up all over Denver. For an adventurous wardrobe, look no further than Chelsea Bashford, an artist who's a native of Austin. See also: - What's in your bag? Skirts, candy and more! -What's in your bag? Jackalope carries flatiron, antlers, makeup and more! -What's in your bag? Measuring tape, a sketchbook, and more! Name: Chelsea Bashford.

Spotted at: 13th and Logan Street.

Profession: Artist. My medium is mostly analog photography. I just built a darkroom in my house! I work with sculpture, too. I also work at Buffalo Exchange Denver as a manager.

Favorite film: My favorite film by far is Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman is a babe.

Autumn anthem: My all-time favorite song is "Be Still" by Woods. Also, anything by Headress, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Discount.

Style inspirations/icons: Courtney Love,' 70s vintage, fringe, sequins and feathers. Pretty much anything goes. I don't ever wear pants. I'm not really into designers or labels, either.

Favorite color: Neutrals and green.

Favorite accessory: Cowboy boots. I wear those puppies out! Also, my 1974 Plymouth Valiant; she's a pretty vehicle.

Style mantra: "Coffee, coffee, coffee" or "is this clean?" Typically getting dressed is the last of my concerns. If I haven't showered and my hair's unruly, I'll put on a hat. I have clothing all over my house, including in the kitchen cabinets -- so getting dressed is a process. I'll pull things out, make a mess and try on a bunch of stuff until I find the right combination.

Shops at: I thrift a lot, at least once a week. It's an addiction. Also, whenever I travel I try to visit local designers and vintage shops. A Capercaillie foot/kilt pin I got in an antique shop in Edinburgh, Scotland is one of my favorite finds. Sometimes I'll alter clothing to make it my own.

One of the fashion designers Bashford admires is Iris Van Herpen. "She uses handwork and digital technology to create couture pieces that truly represent our generation," she says. "Her new materials and techniques are sure to be the future of fashion." What's the difference between street style in Colorado and Texas? "Austin is a little more quirky, for lack of a better word. Denver seems monogamous -- lots of denim vests and tattoos," Bashford says.

"That being said, I have seen some amazing outfits in both locations. Also, the weather in Denver allows for more layers and sweaters, which is exciting. I'd love to see more fashion-forward people around town," she continues. "As Denver grows, I think we'll see more of that."

Check out what's in Chelsea Bashford's bag on page 2!

Bashford carries this brown leather satchel when it matches her outfit, like today's boots and coat. Let's find out what she takes with her for a day's journey. Given the small size of the bag, Bashford keeps to the necessities: Texas ID, cash, a green leather journal with a deer on the cover, keys with a Las Vegas poker chip, iPhone and debit card.

Style analysis: A Texas native, Bashford combines the styles of the West in a way that seems refreshing yet retro. She matches her shades of brown well, and fuses them with a feminine lace blouse and floppy hat that echo the '70s. While she is equipped with all of the tools of a modern woman, her style is whimsical and, above all, fun.

When dressing, Denver, remember to take from the past and present to create the look of the future.

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