Ask a Stoner: Beefing Up Bowls on a Budget

Ask a Stoner: Beefing Up Bowls on a Budget
Dear Stoner: What are some cheap ways to garnish bowls or joints? Don’t want to spend $60 on a gram of hash, but some of this weed just isn’t enough anymore.

Dear R.J.: Finding more potent forms of THC priced cheaper than plain ol’ flower is virtually impossible. Obviously, you could get a grinder with a kief chamber, but that will take time and make the weed you’re grinding less potent. You should still stay on the kief beat, though, as it’s much cheaper than buying most concentrates at dispensaries (unless you’re on the hunt for flash deals, which can net you some nicely discounted hash).
click to enlarge Kief: the classic concentrate. - WILLIAM BREATHES
Kief: the classic concentrate.
William Breathes
A few dispensaries around town (the Health Center and Good Chemistry, off the top of my head) still sell affordable grams of kief. If you have any friends who dabble in growing their own, you could ask for some of their sugar trim, which can carry a lot of of kief that’s easy to gather with a strainer. It won’t be connoisseur-grade, but it’ll get the job done. Another option is making bubble hash at home, which is also relatively cheap with trim.

Or you could try taking a break for a few days: Your tolerance sounds too high for your budget.

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