Ask a Stoner: Do Couples Who Toke Together Stay Together?

Ask a Stoner: Do Couples Who Toke Together Stay Together?
Dear Stoner: I’m back on the dating scene, but am wondering if I should limit myself to guys who are 4/20-friendly. Is that too harsh?
Betty Buds

Dear Betty: A stale gravity bong hit is harsh. Knowing what you like in a person isn’t. That said, basing your next significant other on his intoxicating substance of choice might not be the best way to find a soulmate. But if you’re a medical marijuana patient or have immersed yourself in the legalization movement or cannabis culture (both of which involve a lot of time spent at events occasionally fun and often boring), I can see why finding someone like-minded is important.
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Jacqueline Collins
Even if smoking pot together shouldn’t be the most important part of a relationship, one recent study shows that it can impact how couples interact. In a survey conducted with nearly 1,000 people involved in a relationship in which at least one person used cannabis, 24.3 percent of the men said that they or their partner didn’t smoke weed before becoming a couple, but they both do now, and 22.6 percent of women said much the same. Nearly 10 percent of all participants reported that they and their partners started smoking weed together, while around 50 percent of them agreed that sex is better when both partners use marijuana. Maybe couples who toke together really do stay together.

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