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Comedian Josh Blue Partners With Mountain High Suckers

Comedian Josh Blue, 2006 winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing, at Red Rocks.EXPAND
Comedian Josh Blue, 2006 winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing, at Red Rocks.
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They won't give you cerebral palsy, Josh Blue jokes, but they could help with symptoms if you already have it. The local comedian made very good — he won Last Comic Standing in 2006 — has partnered with Mountain High Suckers to launch a new line of edibles.

Blue has cerebral palsy, and much of his comedy focuses on his disability and how people react to him. When he was on Last Comic Standing, he says, he wanted to "make people aware of the fact that people with disabilities can make an impact."

Now he's starting to make his own impact on the marijuana business. Josh Blue's Dream uses cannabis extract from the Blue Dream strain in blueberry- and watermelon-flavored suckers. According to Blue, this is the first time that Mountain High has made a strain-specific sucker. Aside from having the right name to play off his own, Blue Dream is one of the best strains for his condition, Blue says. And the suckers are an ideal delivery system.

"It's quick-acting," Blue explains. "Some edibles, they'll creep up on you. It takes a while and you don't know if it's working...but with this, within ten minutes, you're feeling the effects of it."

Chad Tribble, co-founder of Mountain High Suckers, says suckers are a good option for medical patients. "It has a dual effect, through your tongue and stomach, so it's more immediate," Tribble notes.

Blue has been using cannabis for years, and when a medical marijuana dispensary opened near his house, he began visiting it. When the dispensary started carrying suckers, he found them so effective that he asked the dispensary owner what company made them. That was in 2010, and Blue has been a friend of the company ever since.

Tribble says they've been working on Blue's suckers for the past two years, and they'll finally be ready to launch in a couple of weeks.

Other celebrity brands helicopter in and slap their name on a product, but this is different because it's a local name partnering with a local brand, Tribble says: "It was so organic and hometown."

And helpful. "It's never let me down when I've used it," Blue says, "and I've developed a friendship and a relationship with the guys over the years. And when this came up, the idea of having my own edible is pretty cool."

At about the same time Josh Blue's Dream makes its debut, the comedian will set off on another national tour; he's also starring in a new special. You can follow Blue on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.