Ask a Stoner: Dosing THC Drinks

Dear Stoner: I'm digging the THC drinks at dispensaries, but 10 milligrams is too weak. Do they make stronger versions?

Dear Fiz: The majority of THC drinks on the recreational side contain anywhere from 2.5 to 10 milligrams. Those dosages make sense for most users, as 10 milligrams of THC will get the majority of dispensary shoppers pretty stoned. For those of us requiring anything more than 30 or 40 milligrams per dose, though, that means a lot more chugging sugary drinks than we’d prefer. Luckily, cannabis drink makers heard our requests.

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The majority of THC drinks on the recreational side contain 10 milligrams.
Danielle Lirette
Although not as easy to find as their 10-milligram counterparts, brands such as Dixie, Keef and Oh Hi all make 100-milligram versions of their infused seltzers and soft drinks at a slightly higher price. Condensed syrups from MarQaha containing more than 10 milligrams per serving, or (sort of) tasteless powder from Ripple could serve as mixers as well, but those still impact the drink’s flavor more than my tastebuds enjoy. Two stoner options: Get your medical marijuana card if you qualify and check out the 1,000-milligram servings that medical drinks and edibles offer, or make your own hot drinks through a variety of easy at-home infusion methods.

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