Why Colorado Tokers Love Garlic Breath

Too many hits of this one, and you'll breathe fire.
Too many hits of this one, and you'll breathe fire. Herbert Fuego
Most words used to describe cannabis smells are terms that only a pothead would love. Generally, people don’t want to hear “skunky,” “diesel” and “dank” associated with their food, drinks or even tobacco. But hand over a nug that smells like a Gerber baby dump wrapped in burnt rubber, and stoners freak out.

Finding beauty in musty flavors isn’t new for cannabis lovers, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to see Garlic strains catapult in popularity. Unlike gasoline and a skunk’s butt juice, garlic actually has a place in my kitchen. And not only do Garlic Bud, Garlic Cookies and GMO Cookies carry a rare, zesty funk, but their potency is damn near lethal — especially once the Cookies genetics got involved. Garlic Breath, a take on the Garlic craze from Thug Pug Genetics, carries all of those qualities and ramps them up like a spicy BAM! from Emeril Lagasse circa 1998.

The mix of GMO and a Mendo Breath phenotype is a chip off the old block, and will make even the most ardent tokers feel like Spicoli during a pop quiz. Dispensaries label Garlic Breath a nighttime strain because it has sedating potential, but also because it’s so fucking strong that you won’t want to leave the safe confines of your house after eclipsing a couple of hits. Don’t feel bad if you end up breathing out of your mouth often; it’s a common side effect.

Although much harder to find than it used to be, a Colorado spin on Garlic Breath from Cannaventure Seeds could still be lurking out there. The Cañon City breeder used Hogsbreath and Chemdog D to create a zesty, herbal nighttime strain very similar to the GMO version, but this one takes a couple of weeks longer to bloom and doesn’t have the same potent reputation — not that everyone wants their strain to have a THC percentage in the high 20s, anyway.

We’ve spotted Garlic Breath at the Clinic, Good Chemistry, Groundswell, Higher Grade, the Joint and Peak, but the strain’s presence at dispensaries that source their buds from wholesale providers shows that its likely available elsewhere. Our favorite cuts have come from Good Chemistry and the Joint, both of which carry versions that push the boundary of potent highs from straight flower. Beware of blunts and high-temp vaporizers, or you’ll be breathing fire instead of Garlic fumes.

Dense and bright, with oval- and fist-shaped buds, Garlic Breath has a potency that’s very much implied through its looks. Compact calyxes, heavy trichome production and limited pistils are all expected from the strain, giving the bright-green color of the buds a glow-in-the-dark feel.

Smell: Although not as pungent as a freshly smashed clove, Garlic Breath’s combination of skunky, herbal and peppery aromas still smells like wet, dank garlic. The garlic funk is memorable, but not overpowering like the room-filling stank of a Diesel or OG-leaning strain.

Flavor: Garlic Breath’s flavor is more subtle than its smell, but it does carry some herbal, floral notes, with a buttery, peppery back end. Expect more savory than sweet, but you’ll still have a heavy case of weed — not garlic — breath after a bowl.

Effects: Garlic Breath’s high isn’t always sedating, but it can be heavy and disorienting, attacking peripheral vision and enabling distractions at every turn. Light hits of the strain are more euphoric, reliving stress and kick-starting your appetite while relaxing your limbs. Medical users have tried the strain for chronic pain, headaches, and eating and sleeping disorders.

Home grower’s take: “This will stretch if you’re not careful. Root it deep before the flowering starts. She’ll produce some beautiful top nugs, and you can replicate it further if you trim it near-bare and stay diligent. Great for strong highs or the rosin press, because, man, does she push out the resin.”

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