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Five Gifts to Melt a Stoner's Heart on Valentine's Day

You can find canna-grams, THC bath products and cannagars rolled with rose petals in Denver dispensaries this Valentine's Day.
Love Notes are just $7 at all three Green Sativa locations.
Love Notes are just $7 at all three Green Sativa locations. Ethan Sanchez
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Does your lover prefer blunts to bouquets? Buying Valentine's Day gifts for that special someone can be difficult if they don't like roses or chocolates, but living in cannabis-friendly Colorado gives us access to an entire arena of goodies half of the country isn't privy to.

Here are five of our favorite weed-related gifts for Valentine's Day. Some of them are lovey-dovey pot gifts for the stoner of your dreams, while others are great presents for any time of the year.

High Notes Canna-Grams
Green Sativa, a Denver area dispensary chain and growing operation, is now selling Valentine's Day cards with one-gram joints dubbed Love Notes. The cards, made in-house, come with Valentine's Day graphics and sayings like "Cannabe Your Valentine?" and "For My Best Bud," while each joint is filled with herb grown by Green Sativa's cultivation staff. The Love Notes will be sold for $7 at all three Green Sativa locations, including the company's two new stores on South Federal Boulevard, through Valentine's Day on Wednesday, February 14.

Love Notes are made for lovers, friends "and even your mother," according to Green Sativa operational manager Frances Comeau. It's the ultimate impulse buy, and a fun way to surprise someone important to you on V-Day.

Nové Bath Salts
Whether you're trying to be romantic or simply forgot to buy a gift and need something exotic on short order, Nové's bath salts are a solid choice for people who partake in self-care, as cannabinoids have shown to help nourish and repair skin. A branch of Medically Correct, Nové was founded to appeal to the luxurious side of cannabis consumption, with chocolate truffles, rosin edibles and three different kinds of cannabis-infused bath salts the Colorado company's lineup. The eucalyptus and lavender varieties are both infused with 100 milligrams of THC per pack, while Nové's rose bath salts are dosed with CBD, as well. Users of cannabis bath products, especially females, have reported edibles-like highs after a warm THC bath, so be prepared.

Candaze Dipz
Relatively new to dispensaries, Candaze is an up-and-coming gummy company that only uses rosin for infusion. Although I've yet to try Candaze's standard gummies, I'm sure they're good based on how much I love the Dipz, which are 10-milligram fruit gummies covered in a layer of chocolate or candy. Apple gummies are covered in caramel, orange gummies in dark chocolate and even strawberry gummies have a layer of peanut butter frosting. Every version I've had so far is amusing and delicious, but the chocolate-covered cherry gummy might be the most romantic option for Valentine's Day.

Anything by Coda Signature
Colorado cannabis shoppers were dismayed to find out that longtime edibles brand Coda Signature was shutting down last December. Known for high-quality infused chocolates, fruit chews and bath products, Coda was one of the few edibles makers that cared more about creativity and flavor than becoming the cheapest gummy of the month. Chocolate bars Caramel & Popcorn or the ever-popular Coffee & Doughnuts provided a tasty THC snack for the non-smoking crowd, and fruit-chews like Cherry & Sarsaparilla or Lychee & Cucumber were a needed vacation from cheaper, boring gummy flavors like sour apple. Even Coda's bath products had high reviews and were known to make users feel nice and tingly.

Coda may be done making products in Colorado, but dispensaries here are still carrying their products until the stock is gone— and, lucky for us, plenty of Denver dispensaries are still carrying Coffee & Doughnuts bars as well other Coda favorites like Maple & Pecan and Cream & Crumble. If you're really lucky, they might even be on sale. Stock up as much as you can, even if it's not for someone else. You should love yourself on Valentine's Day, too.

Made in Xiaolin Rose Petal Cannagar
Made in Xiaolin cannagars are the grandaddy of deluxe pre-rolls in Colorado, and the Evergreen operation is still unsurpassed in luxury. The brand's infused joints range from 2.4 to twelve grams of flower and hash, starting with the Soldato, a mix of two grams of flower and 0.4 grams of hash oil, and ending with the Godfather, a joint with ten grams of flower and two grams of hash rolled inside of gold smoking paper. Any of these will impress the pothead of your dreams, but we recommend the Rose Godfather VSXL for Valentine's Day. Similar to the Godfather joint but rolled with a layer of rose petals on the outside and stuffed with orange-flavored strains, these romantic doinks aren't cheap, but they're guaranteed to score points. A Godfather burns for two to three hours, too, which is long enough to watch a movie or put out for future sessions.
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