Seven Ganja Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

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The thought of giving Mom some weed for Mother's Day wouldn't have entered our minds a few years ago, and for some of you, it never will. But times have changed, son, and your mother might appreciate getting in on the fun. And after all, infused bath soak and infused candy are still bath soak and candy at the end of the day.

If your mom brought you into this world, there's nothing wrong with helping her zone out of it every once in a while with a live resin cartridge or Ottoman-inspired edibles. Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13, for all of you with hazy memories) is a great time to start. Here are cannabis creations made with moms in mind, as well as other items that make welcome gifts.

Seven Ganja Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day (2)

Even if your mom is down with the cause, that doesn't mean a bare-naked joint and a kiss on the cheek will do. As my dad always said, "If you can't get your mom a card, what the hell are you doing?" So put that doob in a tasteful carrier from KushKards, a series of holiday and greeting cards made for the giving stoner. Each card comes with an appropriate pot pun and holders for nugs, joints or blunts. They might be too risky to send through the mail, but if you deliver it in person, you might get to see more than her eyes light up as she opens her KushKard.

Seven Ganja Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day (3)

Love's Oven Baklava Cookie Bar Bites
There's nothing new or specifically motherly about the infused baklava from Love's Oven, but it's definitely delicious, and that's good enough for most of us. I bought my mom a pack of these buttery, gooey bars during our first trip to a dispensary together, and we've both been fans ever since. The 10-milligram servings are easy enough to dose for low tolerances, and they're a fun and tasty alternative to brownies and gummies.

Seven Ganja Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day (4)
Break the Stigma Fitness Facebook page

Break the Stigma Fitness class
To work off that baklava, take Mom to a pot-friendly workout class at Break the Stigma Fitness. The Wheat Ridge gym and its all-female training staff offer kickboxing, yoga and HIIT classes infused with flower, dabs, rosin presses and edibles for attendees to use however they'd like, before and after class. There are a handful of classes each week, some of which include pot-industry professionals for consumer education.

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Courtesy of Green Dot Labs

Green Dot Labs Vape Pen
Today's cannabis consumer wants something discreet and convenient, and that includes Mom. You can find many kinds of cartridges filled with butane-hash oil, CO2 oil and distillate, but we recommend getting her something deluxe and delicious from Boulder's Green Dot Labs. The company, which has a reputation for terpene-heavy concentrates, recently started packaging its Black Label Full Spectrum Extract (the highest tier of the brand's concentrates) in vaporizer cartridges. Instead of reinserted distillate flavors that taste fake, or gassy rips of poorly-purged BHO, the Black Label live resin carries intense notes of baked apples and honeysuckle from such rare strains as Whammy Bar and Soul Cleanser.

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Courtesy of the Jane West Collection

Jane West Collection
Women Grow founder Jane West is no stranger to the connection women share with cannabis. Her newest offering: smoking utensils bearing her name that add an elegant and updated twist to a piece of paraphernalia many of your moms probably grew up with. The one-hitters and batties in the collection fit extremely small amounts of herb for low-tolerance users, and each comes with a slick case and picker to clean it out.

The Mother's High Tea is held each year to support legalized cannabis.
The Mother's High Tea is held each year to support legalized cannabis.
Chloe Summers

Mother's Day Tea
Held annually for the past six years, the Mother's High Tea is a family-friendly public tea party on Friday, May 11, that advocates for legalized cannabis and those who work in the industry. The event, held at Denver's  McNichols Building in Civic Center Park, is a great time for bonding and networking if your mom is in the industry or interested in cannabis advocacy, with educational speakers and creative activities for all ages. Each guest receives a gift bag for attending, with proceeds going to local nonprofits.

Founder James Carberry (left) worked in California's cannabis industry before starting Undoo.
Founder James Carberry (left) worked in California's cannabis industry before starting Undoo.
Undoo Facebook Page

It's no secret that today's cannabis products are much stronger than what most of our parents were lighting up decades ago, causing many of them to get higher than they intended. No one wants to see their mom have a bad experience with pot, so give her a lifeline just in case. Undoo is a mixture of vitamin E, olive oil and olivetol, according to its makers, with zero cannabinoids, sugar or caffeine. Once-high users report having a clearer mind within five to twenty minutes, though it can take up to an hour if edibles or concentrates were consumed. 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.