Ask a Stoner: I Hate Sharing My Vape Pen

Ask a Stoner: I Hate Sharing My Vape Pen
Dear Stoner: I love taking my weed pen places, but hate sharing it. I’m not stingy about it; I just get freaked out by germs. Why do people always expect to hit your weed if they see you smoking?
Bitching Incognito

Dear Incognito: Asking to hit someone else’s pen is a little gross if you’re not close, but it stems from sharing a joint or pipe, which are also very acceptable and common. Smoking an entire joint or bowl alone is too much for most people, especially in social settings, so sharing a joint was, and still is, a way to relax and bond with friends — just like a cigarette, except most people keep those to themselves, because tobacco isn’t zany like that.

This norm isn’t changing soon, so you have three options. 1. Stop hitting your pen in public or around your friends. 2. Accept the fact that your disdain for germs goes against weed culture and makes you look like an asshole. 3. Carry an extra cartridge for all those mooches you hang out with.

I recommend option 2. They’ll get over it.

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