Ask a Stoner: Will I Still Feel an Edible After Throwing Up?

Ask a Stoner: Will I Still Feel an Edible After Throwing Up? (2)
Dear Stoner: If I throw up an edible shortly after eating it, will it still get me high?

Dear Chuck: If you throw up shortly after popping an aspirin and see the pill in the toilet, then the aspirin probably didn't take hold, did it? Same goes for traditional edibles, such as baked goods and chocolate, but not necessarily for some drinks or hard candies, tinctures and other sublingual products.
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Taylor Boylston
It all comes down to bioavailability, or how fast your body absorbs THC. Generally, your body absorbs THC from traditional edibles in the intestinal tract, after which the THC enters your bloodstream and takes you to the moon in anywhere from forty minutes to two hours. Sublingual THC enters your body much faster under the tongue or through different parts of the mouth, getting into the bloodstream within twenty or thirty minutes, albeit not usually in large amounts.

If your edible is a brownie, cookie or something you eat, then throwing up within the first thirty minutes is likely to severely weaken or cancel your high — unless you're down to eat your own puke. My friend's dog does that, and his teeth are still kinda white.

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