An exclusive in-depth Q&A with Jonny 5 of Flobots

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Jonny 5 is scaring folks in middle America. Literally. But while the Flobots frontman -- better known to folks around here by his government name Jamie Laurie -- has devoted the better part of his adult life to becoming a radical force for change, it's not his politics that are making folks in the heartland uneasy right now. At the moment, they're unnerved by the fact that he's been pacing back and forth -- in front of a bank, gesticulating frequently and excitedly, we imagine.

"Someone just mentioned that they seen you walking back and forth," says a barely audible voice in the background to J5, as he speaks via cellphone from somewhere in Iowa, on the day before his band's big gig tonight at the Ogden Theatre.

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Dave Herrera
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