Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Young Tenner, Killa Keezy, 2MX2 and Panama Soweto

Back again with another fresh batch of homegrown hip-hop. This week, we've got new cuts from newcomers Young Tenner and Killa Keezy, while scene veterans 2MX2 deliver a song about the mischievousness of certain women and Panama Soweto works to uplift the voices of the unheard.

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Young Tenner - "Sexy Smoker" "Sexy Smoker" is dedicated to the pretty ladies who enjoy Denver's other favorite pastime. The beat is sexy and seductive, with a pulsing soft piano intro that leads into layers of complementary sounds during the chorus, keeping the joint low-key. Young Tenner's rhymes are relaxed as he sends out an invite, with a vocal inflection similar to Wiz Khalifa's, to those ladies who need to relax after a hard day at work.

Killa Keezy - "Always Ride" Killa Keezy drops a heartfelt song about the struggles of life over a beat produced by MF Two. The track, which is sample-driven and reminiscent of something you might catch Dipset on, serves as a good backdrop for the song's introspective angle. The soulful nature of the production is balanced well with Keezy's inviting delivery and makes for very easy listening.

2MX2 - "Escandalo," feat Smoke G and Laura Retana The Spanish guitar intro and the beat, which features other Latin percussion samples, will instantly appeal to fans of Latin hip-hop -- as will the catchy song itself, which is in Spanish and focuses on certain women and their scandalous behavior. Juice and Role Pley each take turns addressing the issue, while the refrain, "Scandal is a scandal," rings out on the chorus.

Panama Soweto - "Learn" With a synthesized trumpet loop that blares as Panama urges listeners to "Stand up, be heard," this track screams to the soul. The tune brings forth progressive ideas and carries a sense of strength over a great beat. Panama, known for being a talented poet, delivers on this track, which is cut from the veins of classic hip-hop.

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