Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks survival guide

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Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks, the first ever winter concert at Red Rocks is about to go down, and we wanted to hook you up with some tips for, uh, weathering the elements. With light snow and lower temperatures forecast for today, this could truly be one of the most memorable concerts of all time. We want to make sure you enjoy it, so here's a list of everything you need to know. Page down for show and parking info.


Parking for Red Rocks is free, relatively well maintained and organized. Arriving early -- for this show that means roughly around doors opening at 6:30 -- will almost guarantee you prime parking. Take into account the weather tonight, though, which, if this morning is any indication, then you'll want to take your time and be as safe as possible en route.

The lots at Red Rocks are notorious for always being a party scene, so if you feel inclined, open up the back hatch to your car, put on "Sevens Travels" and wait for fellow fans to come by and nod their head with you. Because of security issues, you are prohibited from leaving the venue to go back to your car to drop anything off or pick anything up. So, when you do make the final trek from the lot to the steps, be sure you have everything you need.


Atmosphere played Red Rocks this past summer and drew quite a large crowd. Seeing as how this is the first ever winter concert at Red Rocks, patrons and fans will be arriving on time and ready to party. Keep that in mind when you consider where you want to sit and watch the legendary show.

In a previous interview, Slug mentioned his excitement for the concert and the set list. Considering that he isn't pushing any particular new album, things could get pretty old school with possibilities of tracks coming as far back as Overcast and Ford and Lucy Ford.

Common is also on the bill and slated to take the stage just before Atmosphere, so you definitely don't want to miss that part. Solely based on some guess-timates from the summer -- which is all we really have to go on here -- it's a safe bet the show will probably run until about midnight.

You can also snag these little hand heaters at any of your local ski/snowboard shops. And trust us, they work. For merely a few bucks, your hands and toes can stay nicely heated during set breaks, openers and into the night when Atmosphere and Common heat things up.


Permitted Items • Non-alcoholic beverages in factory sealed and labeled plastic containers • Coolers 12" x 17" and smaller (must fit under designated seat) • Cloth bags, soft packs, pillows, back rests, rain coats or ponchos • Food (fruit or vegetables must be sliced) • Binoculars • Seat cushions or soft-sided stadium seats • Umbrellas (as small as possible and without points) - ponchos are much preferred! • Strollers (folding umbrella style ONLY)

ALL items you bring must be able to fit underneath your seat!

Prohibited Items • Unsealed plastic containers (i.e. water bottles) Thermoses, bota bags or wine skins • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs • Glass bottles or aluminum cans • Laser pointers (will be confiscated & patron is subject to ejection) • Ice chest sized coolers larger than 12" x 17" • Recording devices (audio, video or cameras as restricted by show) • Any weapon or item construed as a weapon such as guns, knives, sticks, fireworks or firearms • Bullhorns or noise makers • Framed backpacks • Lawn chairs • Grills • Confetti

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.