Molina and Diles drop "Stacks of Bills" track in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been inspiring almost everyone to speak up and speak out, whether in favor of the abstract movement or against it. Local hip-hop artists have gotten together to release a series of three tracks in support of the movement. Activist and MC Molina kicked off things with a track called "Stacks of Bills." Molina has been using his voice to speak out on the revolution for quite some time, and as usual, his observations are right on the money.

Opening with a solid horn line, the track is driven by the vocals of Molina, who spits hard against the one percent who only wants to make "stacks of bills." There's also a good line encouraging black and brown unity as well. The premise here is to occupy every town and speak out against injustice. Molina and his frequent collaborator Diles, the Albuquerque producer/rapper, once again sound solid together. If you dig this, you'll definitely feel their collaborative co-MC project, MileHighTimes, which is still in the works.

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