American Constitution Party caucuses could be lonely next month

As today's appearances by Ron Paul and Rick Santorum make clear, Colorado's caucus is a week away for Republicans, one of three major political parties in this state. That's right: Because Tom Tancredo did so well in the last gubernatorial election, the American Constitution Party qualifies as a major political party...if it jumps through all the hoops, including holding a caucus.

The ACS has scheduled that caucus for March 6 -- the same day that the Colorado Democratic Party will hold its caucus. To participate in either of those, you must be a registered voter, be affiliated with the Democratic or American Constitution party by January 6, 2012, and live in your precinct by February 6, 2012.

You can find more info on the American Constitution Party website, where you'll also find this:

We, the members of the American Constitution Party, gratefully acknowledge the blessings of the Lord God as the Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe and of our nation. We hereby appeal to Him for aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His Divine Providence as we work to restore and preserve this nation as a government of, by, and for the people. Our republic is a nation governed by a constitution rooted in Biblical law and administered by representatives elected by the people to preserve, protect, and defend it against attacks by all its enemies, whether from without or within. We affirm the principles of inherent, un-a-lien-able*, individual rights upon which these united States of America were founded. The sole legitimate function of government is to secure these rights through the preservation of domestic tranquility, the maintenance of a strong national defense, and the promotion of equal justice for all.

Unhappy with the Republican candidates in 2010, five-time Congressman Tancredo ditched his Republican affiliation to become a member of the American Constitution Party in the summer of 2010, so that he could run against Republican candidate Dan Maes and Democrat John Hickenlooper.

By inching over 10 percent of the vote in November 2010, Maes saved the Colorado Republican Party from the humiliation of falling to minor-party status. Tancredo snagged over 36 percent of the vote -- well over the 10 percent that, according to Colorado election rules, gives the party of that gubernatorial candidate major-party status. If the party wants it, and all the meeting and filing requirements that come with that status.

"I guess it's nice to be thought if in that way," said Doug Campbell last November. He'd been the American Constitution Party's lieutenant governor candidate until Tancredo joined the race, bringing Pat Miller as his running mate. "But we're still just really a small party."

So small, in fact, that the party, started in 1992, only has about a thousand members in Colorado -- and the state has 3,000 voting precincts. Some of those American Constitution Party caucus gatherings next month are going to be very lonely.

And don't look for Tancredo to be at one of them. He's back with the Republican Party -- not that he's ever been much of a party guy.

Where Tom Tancredo goes, trouble -- and news -- follows. For an example, click to read "Tom Tancredo offers his endorsement in the Denver mayor's race: Viva Chris Romer!"

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