Broncos' free Invesco practice: Not exactly passing grades

Great idea for the Broncos to stage a free practice session at Invesco Field last night. Problem is, the event gave many more folks than those who visit training camp at Dove Valley -- more than 13,000, reportedly -- an opportunity to see just how unimpressive quarterback Kyle Orton looks thus far. As seen in the video above, shot by a Broncos fan, the crowd was thrilled to watch the team skip down the turf to the sound of T.I.'s "Live Your Life" and even cheered a successful punt (probably because a previous one got blocked). But Orton had difficulty completing passes, especially downfield, and even his dump offs looked far from crisp. At this point, Orton's getting a decent amount of love from the Broncos faithful, due largely to the fact that Jay Cutler has been such a dick (or a pussy -- take your choice) of late. But that'll all change if he competes during the regular season as he did last night.


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